Contacts Module Overview

The Contacts Module stores every entity associated with your AppColl account. This include: clients, inventors, attorneys, foreign associates and any other roles that fits your needs. A list of all contact roles can be seen herePlease Note: Additional roles can be added by contacting AppColl Support.

Each contact record includes numerous fields for storing contact information. Depending on the role type there may be different fields. For example, a client role may have a couple of different fields than an inventor.

There are several ways for adding contacts in AppColl such as: Contact roles specify what roles they may be used in matters. For example, an inventor role could not be assigned as the attorney for a matter. However, an account admin can be assigned as any contact within a matter.

Contacts with login access can have their permissions custom tailored to your needs.

Contacts can be bulk updated by importing a spreadsheet with the desired changes. For example, if the email domain for all contacts has changed, a spreadsheet can be used to change the email domain via import.

Duplicate contacts can be merged together. This often occurs when inventor are adding from Pair or EspaceNet and the spelling of the same inventor slightly varies.

Click here for instructions on enabling or disabling contacts with login credentials.

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