Attaching Form Letters to a Task (w/ Video)

This video provides the steps for generating and attaching a form letter to a specific task. 

The following steps outline the process for creating client-specific form letters associated with a specific task.
  1. Create a form letter template and upload it to AppColl, as shown here
  2. Go to the Tasks module.
  3. Select one or more tasks to attach to the form letter to.
  4. Click on the Add Document/Form Letter button.
  5. Click on the form letter radio button and select the form from the dropdown list. All rtf files in the FormLetters folder will be shown in this dropdown.
  6. (optional) Rename the form letter.
  7. Browse the folder structure to select a place to store the completed form letter.
  8. Click on the Add button. The populated form will now be stored in the specified location in the Files module and linked to the specified tasks. If more than one task was selected, each task will have its own copy of the form (populated with information for that task), with the task ID prepended to the form name.

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