Importing New Matters from a Spreadsheet

Importing matters from a spreadsheet is the primary means for getting your data into AppColl. The following video and instructions will assist you in this process.
  1. Open the attached spreadsheet template. 
  2. Follow the template's instructions to populate it with your data, as to which fields are mandatory and the syntax for matter types and statuses.
  3. Delete rows 1-11 and 13-27. Now you should have only the header row (labeled in red) and the matter rows as shown below.
  4. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file and not an xls.
  5. Go to the Matters module.
  6. Click on the "Import CSV" link in the upper right area of the window.
  7. From the Import window, click the Choose File button to browse for the CSV file on your local hard disk.
  8. Select the AppColl Matters (CSV) file type.
  9. If you are creating new matters select the Add New Matters radio button. If updating existing matters, select the Update Existing Matters radio button.
  10. Click the Import button.
  11. AppColl will then check the spreadsheet for any errors. When this process is complete, you will be taken to a page that shows any issues. If there are errors, you must click on the Done button and fix them before you can import the spreadsheet a second time. If there aren’t any errors, click on the Proceed with Import button.
  12. When the import is complete (which could take several minutes depending on the number of matters), you should see a message indicating either success or describing any problems with the data.
  13. Repeat steps 6-12 until all matters are properly imported into AppColl and no errors are reported.

After the new matters have been successfully imported into AppColl, data for U.S. and PCT patents can be pulled from Private Pair and imported into AppColl via XML files or from the Update Matter button.



Matter_Import_Template.xlsx Matter_Import_Template.xlsx

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