Linking Prior Art References to a Matter (w/Video)

The following steps outline the process for adding prior art to a matter:
  1. In the Prior Art module, click on the name of the matter for which you are adding the reference.
  2. Click on the Add button.
  3. Select the Type, either Patent or Non Patent.
  4. If this reference does not require a citation, was cited by the examiner, or was previously cited (not using AppColl), select the appropriate radio button. This will stop AppColl from prompting you to generate an IDS for this reference/matter combination.
  5. If you select the "Cited by examiner" radio button, you must enter the date of the citation.
  6. If this is a patent reference, complete the Document Number section with the country code, the patent number, the kind code (optional), the Publication/Issue date and the Patentee/Applicant (the first named inventor). 
  7. If this is non-patent literature, fill in the Description per USPTO requirements as explained in the text box.
  8. By default, this reference will also be linked to all non-issued US related matters. Review the list of matters checked in the "Linked to" section at the bottom, to make sure each is appropriate.
  9. Click on the Save button.
​This video also explains the above steps.

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