Creating a Report (w/ Video)

As an example, we’ll create a report that shows all open tasks for you (the owner) that are due in the next 90 days.
  1. Go to the Tasks module
  2. Select Open/Owned from  drop down list under the Save View as Report button
  3. In the Search dropdown list choose RespondBy from the drop down list. Another dropdown list will appear.
  4. From that list select Next 90 Days (you see that you now have set up filter)
  5. Click on the Save View as Report button and a window will appear asking for you to name the report
  6. Type in a report name and click Save
  7. Go to the Reports module.
  8. Select the report you just save from the Report drop down list. The information you saw displayed in the Tasks module should now be displayed.
  9. To delete this report just click the trash can.

This video further explains the above steps.

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