Changing User Permissions and Restricting Access

Account Administrators can change permissions for any contacts for their account. Please Note: Account admins have access to everything, so their permissions cannot be altered.

In order to change a user's permissions, open their contact record and click the "Permissions" button on the left. The following popup appears. User permissions are broken out per module and per access type. At the module level access can be granted for View, Modify, Add and Delete. 

If you select the "Owned only" checkbox for Tasks or Billing then the user will only be able to view items in those modules for which they are the owner. For Billing, the user cannot see hourly rate information for anyone else, nor can they view or create invoices.

If you select the “Restrict access to information associated with assigned matters” check box the user only sees information related to matters which they are assigned to (via the Partner, Attorney, Contributor, Paralegal or Foreign Associate matter fields). The Reports module will also be disabled.

If you select the "Enable contact merge commands" the user will be able to execute commands to merge contacts (normally only available to account administrators).

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