Importing Prior Art References from Espacenet (Pending, Issued, U.S. and Foreign Applications) (w/ Video)

As of March 2018, AppColl integrates with EspaceNet to add or update prior art references for published and issued patents for both U.S. and foreign countries. To do this, go to the Matter Prior Art page for a matter and click the “Load Available Refs” button on the left side of the screen.

Please Note: Private Pair does not provide a easy to access list of references for pending U.S. patent applications. Most of the references are only listed in IDSes filed by the applicant, Form 892 and 1449 documents. As such, EspaceNet may not always return the complete list of references for pending/published applications. You're encouraged to verify the integrity of the reference list.

This may take some time depending on the number of references being retrieved. Please Note: if a reference already exists, it will not be duplicated. Once complete, the following popup appears showing the results:

The downloaded references now appear as shown below. Please Note: EspaceNet does not provide values for the Cite Date or Cited By columns.


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