New AppColl PM Features November 2018

AppColl prides itself on listening to our customers and improving our products based on your input. The following is a list of new features we have released over the past few months. To view more details about an enhancement or update, click a link below.

Please note that beginning November 2018, AppColl has two prosecution manager products: AppColl PM Pro (the existing product) and AppColl PM Plus (a new product with additional productivity features). Click here to read more about AppColl PM Plus.

All enhancements described below are available in both versions of AppColl PM.

User Interface Enhancements

Bulk Edit Command

In-Place Editing

Inserting the Content of Scheduled Reports into the Body of an Email

Generate LEDES v2.0 XML files from invoices

Bulk Downloading Invoice PDFs and LEDES Files

Using Document Links (URLs) in Files Module

Completing or Deleting Billing Timers

Add UTBMS Codes to Billing Timers

Create Uninvoiced Fees and Expenses

Retrieving U.S. Trademark Applicants from TSDR

Remove All Duplicate Prior Art References Without Manually Selecting Which Ones to Delete

A contact's UsedBy Column Shows Detailed Usage Information

Show Matter Image in the Tasks Module
The image associated with patent matters can now be shown as a column in the Tasks module summary page.


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