USPTO Sponsorship Authentication Update: Time to Take Action

Update as of 5/30/19 - The PTO has officially retired digital certificates. In order to access your Private Pair data from AppColl, you must sponsor AppColl and link the sponsorship to your account. The steps are listed below in detail. Failure to complete all steps prevents your Private Pair data from being accessible in AppColl. Please note that docketing from e-Office action emails is unaffected by this USPTO change. Further, sponsorship can be used without e-Office Action processing and vice-versa. They are independent ways for getting PTO data into your accounts.
This FAQ answers any questions you may have on sponsoring AppColl.

Here are the steps:
  1. Create your MyUSPTO account and migrate your digital certificate
  2. Sponsor AppColl to access your data. Sponsoring email is
  3. Associate your patent registration numbers with your AppColl account
Step 1:
If you have not already done so, create your MyUSPTO account and migrate your existing digital certificate as soon as possible. Click here to create your MyUSPTO account with the USPTO and migrate your digital certificate.
Step 2:
Once you have set up your MyUSPTO account and migrated your digital certificate, please complete the steps to sponsor AppColl. This will be required if you still want to update your data from Private Pair via AppColl. The email address to sponsor AppColl is Click here for the USPTO’s instruction on sponsorship.
Step 3:
Important: Sponsorship is not complete until the following steps are completed. Once you have completed the sponsorship steps above, you'll need to add and verify the sponsoring patent attorney/agent registration number in AppColl. Click here for a video on the next steps.
Step 3a - Go to the Settings page in AppColl and scroll down to the MyUSPTO Sponsorship section. Enter the registration number in Step 1 and click the “Send Verification Code” button as shown below. AppColl looks up the entered registration number against its sponsorship list. If a match is found, a verification code is sent to the email address associated with the MyUSPTO account. Note: The email address associated with your MyUSPTO account may be different than your AppColl login email. For security and privacy measures, we will not notify you if a registration match was not found. Please check your spam folder if you don’t see an email from AppColl. When verifying a registration number, do not log out of AppColl while waiting for the verification code. Logging out will require you to start over with the verification.

Step 3b - Enter the verification code found in the email into the text box next to Step 2 below and click the “Verify registration number” button. Once completed, the registration number is available in your AppColl account. You can repeat this process to add multiple registration numbers. Please remember that the email is sent to the address linked to your MyUSPTO account and not the necessarily the email you use to log into AppColl.
Once you have verified one or more sponsoring registration numbers, these are now available to associate with individual matters, attorneys or your account as a whole.

Step 3c – Your account now includes three distinct Patent Registration Number drop downs. You'll see one in the USPTO Import Settings section of the Settings Page as shown below. Similar drop downs are also shown in Contact and Matter Detail pages. You can associate a sponsored registration number to individual matters, to attorneys, or on the settings page to apply across all matters.

When AppColl tries to retrieve information from Private Pair, it first looks for a registration number associated with the individual matter. If a number exists, AppColl tries to access Private Pair through the sponsorship associated with the registration number. If no number exists for the matter, AppColl then looks for a registration number associated with the matter attorney, which would have been set up in the attorney’s contact details page. If a number exists in the attorney’s contact record, AppColl tries to access Private Pair through the sponsorship associated with the attorney’s registration number. If no number exists in the attorney contact record, AppColl then looks for a global registration number that would have been set in the USPTO Import Settings” section of the Settings page. If no number exists in the Settings page, AppColl cannot access your Private Pair data. The advantage of this approach is to allow multiple registration numbers across matters and attorneys, while still having a global default for those matters and contacts that do not have a specific registration number.


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