New AppColl PM Features - March 2019

AppColl prides itself on listening to our customers and improving our products based on your input. The following is a list of new features we have released over the past few months. To view more details about an enhancement or update, click a link below.

All enhancements described below are available in both AppColl PM Pro and PM Plus

Reordering Sections of an Invoice - Users can now re-order the sections of an invoice which become visible in the PDF.

Major Enhancements for Creating Custom Matter Fields
Users can now create multi-select drop down fields. Drop down menus can now list a defined set of values from contacts or matters. For example, you can show a drop down of all inventors or a drop down of all matters where Jon Doe is the attorney. You can also reorder the custom fields, change the number of lines for text fields as well as delete all values currently used for a given field across your matters.

In-place Editing of Tasks from Matter Details Pages - you can now in-place edit the following task fields: TaskType, Status, RespondBy Date, Final Due Date, Comments and Owner.

Private Pair/TSDR/EspaceNet/Google Patents Status Indicators - We have created status indicators at the bottom of AppColl to indicate the status of these systems as they relate to retrieving information for your data.

MyUSPTO Sponsorship - AppColl fully supports the new MyUSPTO sponsorship program for accessing your data from your Private Pair account.

New PTO Forms - We have added support for the following USPTO forms: SB35, AIA/424 and AIA25/26 


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