New Features August 2022

Written by Gregg Hart

Last published at: August 29th, 2022

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You've submitted requests for new features and we've listened. The following features have been added in the past few months. Click the various hyperlinks to see more details.




“Chat” Style Comments - Users now have the ability to add comments in a “chat” format to most records in AppColl.  This includes matters, tasks, billing items, invoices, contacts, and others. Comments can by added by any AppColl user that has view permissions for the specific record.  Each comment has a date and username associated with it.


AppColl User Forum - We've created a user forum which allows users to interact with each other, post questions, make feature requests and more. The forum is private to AppColl users only so you access it from within your AppColl account. Hover over the “?” icon in the upper right corner of the screen and click the User Forum link. 


Bulk Creation, Editing and Emailing of Invoices - we've added the ability for bulk operations on invoices. Specifically, you can create multiple invoices simultaneously, regenerate multiple invoices simultaneously and email invoices to multiple clients at once.


Creation of Invoices for Multiple Clients Simultaneously - it is now possible to work on invoices for different clients at the same time. Previously only one person could be working on any invoices at any one time.


Lock/Unlock Invoices - You can now lock one or more invoices from being edited by other users. You can then unlock invoices so they can be further edited. Only users with specific permissions (located in the Permissions section of contact details) can lock and unlock invoices.


Quick Editing of Billing Items from Invoice Details - Previously, if you clicked on a billing item from within an invoice, AppColl took you back to the billing item detail page for editing. Billing items can be edited directly from within the invoice itself via a pop-up form.


DOCX Form Letters - In addition to the existing .rtf format, form letters can now be created using a .docx format. 


AppColl Themes - you can now change the color of your AppColl interface. Pick from modern, dark and solarized. The change takes effect immediately.


Link to IDS from the  Matter Prior Art Screen - Previously, you had to go to the IDS Forms option, under the Prior Art drop down, to see already created IDSs. Now you can open the prior art screen for a matter and click the “View matter IDSs” link on the left side of the screen.


Change the Time Window when a Task Auto-generates - you can now set the specific number of months in the past for the oldest response date for a task type to automatically generate. Previously this number was set to fixed value of 9 months.


Trigger an Email Notification when a Task is Deleted - You can now trigger an email notification to be sent out when a task is deleted. Previously, the only triggering options were when a task was created or the status changed.


Next Internal Task - Matter detail pages now include a “Next Internal Task” field which shows the next internal deadline task. The field is shown right below the “Next External Task” field. 


New PTO Forms - the following forms have been added: AIA/34, AIA/24, SB/20, SB/27, AIA/47, AIA/63, and PTOL85N