Create Extendable Deadlines for Tasks (w/ Video)

Written by Mason Davis

Last published at: January 25th, 2022

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AppColl does not automatically create extension of time tasks for docketing items with affirmative steps to be completed (i.e., Respond to Non-Final Office Action, File Notice of Appeal, File Statement of Use, etc.). This is done to avoid flooding your docket with extensions that may never be needed. In order to see extensions for a task, you will want to mark the task as ‘Missed’. This change automatically triggers the first extension. If you need a second extension, mark the first one as ‘Missed’ and so forth. For example, if you don’t plan to file a ‘Respond to Non-Final Office Action – 3 Month Deadline’ task by the 3 month date, mark the 3 month task as missed and AppColl will auto-generate the ‘Respond to Non-Final Office Action – 4 Month Deadline’ task with a due date 1 month further out.

The following video explains the process for auto-generating all extensions at once.

Please note
 that once these changes have been made, they will only take place for future tasks and not existing ones. In order to generate the extendable deadlines for existing tasks you would have to regenerate tasks. Click here for instructions on this process.