Add Credits to an Invoice

Last published at: January 27th, 2022

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  1. To create a “credit” invoice:
    In the Billing module, add one or more billing items (as described here ( with a billing item Type of “Fee Adjustment" or "Expense Adjustment" as appropriate, with a negative amount. 
  2. Create an invoice (as described here ( that includes the adjustment billing item(s).
  3. To apply the credit against other invoices:
    In the Billing module, click the Manage Invoices link in the Navigate section of the left margin. Click on the invoice you wish to apply the credit to.
  4. Click on the Add Billing Item button in the left margin.
  5. Change the Type to “Payment from Client” or “Payment from Retainer."
  6. Select the invoice to be paid (if not already selected).
  7. Enter other required fields in the billing item.
  8. Select the “Apply invoices with credit as payment” checkbox under the payment amount – this will reduce the payment amount to the amount not covered by the credit.
  9. If the credit does not completely cover the selected invoices and you wish to only apply the credit, enter "0" in the Payment Amount box.
  10. Click Save. This will add a negative payment billing item for the credit invoice and positive payment billing item(s) for the invoice(s) that are being paid. Note that the payment amount in the billing item(s) for the invoice(s) being paid will exceed any amount actually received from the client by the credit amount. AppColl creates payments in this manner to ensure that credits and debits against invoices sum correctly.