Discount Invoices

Last published at: January 12th, 2022

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There are several ways to provide discounts in an invoice.

Percentage Discount

To discount all Fee billing items in an invoice, enter a Discount percent in the Amount Due section on the right side of the invoice details page. Please note that percentage discounts do not apply to expenses.

Discounting a Specific Billing Item

To discount a single Billing Item, open the Billing Item and enter an amount in the Adjustment field.

Specific Dollar Amount Discount

To enter a specific discount amount to the entire invoice, create a Fee Adjustment Billing Item with an item date in the date range of the invoice. Add a relevant description (i.e., courtesy discount, etc.) so the client understands what the discount is for. This billing item is then added to the invoice.


Use a Write-Off Billing Item when some or all of an invoice will not be paid by the client. An otherwise paid invoice that includes a Write-Off Billing Item, has a Status of "Write-Off" and not "Paid".