QuickBooks: Import Payments from QB to AppColl (AppColl PM Plus)

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Please note: this feature is only available in AppColl Plus. Click here for pricing and details on the plus features.

Importing Payments from QuickBooks
You can import payments from QuickBooks to any AppColl invoice that has been linked (you'll see a green "QB" logo). Select your invoice(s) from the Manage Invoices page, click the "QuickBooks" button, and click the "Sync payments from QuickBooks" button. You can also import payments for an individual invoice by clicking the "Sync" link in the Payments column. AppColl attempts to import only new payments, creating Payment billable items and applying them to the invoice. Then AppColl updates the invoice, and attaches the updated pdf to the QuickBooks invoice.

Reconcile Payments from Existing QuickBooks Invoices
You can import payments for invoices without linking them to QuickBooks, if the invoice numbers match. This is helpful if the invoice details vary in slight ways, but you want to ensure the payments are recorded to the AppColl invoice without overwriting the QuickBooks invoice.

When using this feature, the AppColl invoice is not sent over to QuickBooks, and AppColl does not consider the invoices linked.

Select the AppColl invoices on the Invoices page, click the "QuickBooks" button, then click the "Sync payments from QuickBooks" button and AppColl will bring in payments from QuickBooks invoices that match the invoice number(s) selected. Imported payments are applied to the AppColl invoice, and the updated pdf is attached to the QuickBooks invoice. AppColl does not consider the invoices linked as that could cause changes to your QuickBooks invoice.