QuickBooks: Send Client Contacts from AppColl to QB (AppColl PM Plus)

Last published at: January 12th, 2022

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Please note: this feature is only available in AppColl Plus. Click here for pricing and details on the plus features.

Sending Client Contacts
On the "Manage Invoices" page, click the "QuickBooks" button. You do not have to have any invoices selected to use this feature.

Click on the "Send client contact information to QuickBooks" button. If you haven't connected AppColl to QuickBooks, you'll be redirected there to do so. Once you return, you'll see a progress bar of all AppColl contact records, with a "client" role, being sent over to QuickBooks as Customer entries. There are a few things to keep in mind when sending client contacts to your QuickBooks account:
AppColl sends over the following fields:
Display Name --either the AppColl Company field or Name field if the Company field is empty
First name
Last name
Company name --same as Display Name above
Primary Email address
Primary Phone number --the Client phone number
Mobile number --the Client mobile number
Billing Address --the AppColl Client City, Country, Postal Code, Address Street and Address Street 2