QuickBooks: Send Invoices from AppColl to QB (AppColl PM Plus)

Last published at: March 17th, 2022

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Please note: this feature is only available in AppColl Plus. Click here for pricing and details on the plus features.

Sending Invoices
On the Manage Invoices page, select the invoice(s) you want to send over to QuickBooks, and click the "QuickBooks" button. Then click the "Send invoice(s) to QuickBooks" button from the popup window.

If you haven't already connected to QuickBooks, you will be redirected to QuickBooks to authorize AppColl. You'll log into QuickBooks and click a button to confirm the connection, then you'll be sent back to AppColl to complete your operation. You'll only have to do this once per AppColl session. Please note: you must have administrator rights in QuickBooks to authorize the connection to AppColl.

AppColl splits up invoices with multiple invoice numbers into groups and creates a QuickBooks invoice for each AppColl Invoice Number ("subinvoice"). For example, if you have an AppColl invoice grouped by matter, each matter has it's own invoice number. If an invoice has three grouped matters with three invoice numbers under it, AppColl will create three QuickBooks invoices. One for each matter. Currently, AppColl sends over the following items when creating an invoice in QuickBooks:

Bill to Client --AppColl will create/update the Customer in QuickBooks according to the logic in "Sending Client Contacts"
Invoice Number
Invoice Date
Due Date
Payment Terms
Invoice Amount
* Line items comprised of AppColl Fees and Expenses billable items
* Billable item-level discounts
Invoice-level discounts
Invoice pdf
Existing payments

Once the Invoice is sent over, AppColl identifies the invoice with a green "QB" icon on the Manage Invoices and the invoice's details page. You can click on this icon to send the invoice again, updating the QuickBooks copy. Also, on the Invoices module, the 'Add' payment link changes to 'Sync' in order to import payments accepted in QuickBooks to your AppColl Invoice.

Mapping Billing Items to Products and Services
You can specify the QuickBooks Product/Service that is linked to AppColl billing items in two ways: First, on your AppColl Settings page, you can link a default product/service to each AppColl Billable Item type. Secondly, on a billing item's details, you can specify a particular QuickBooks product/service right under the billing item type, overriding any default you may have set. Please note: this feature is only available in AppColl Plus. Click here for pricing and details on the plus features.