Add Claims and Images to Form Letters and Emails

Last published at: January 11th, 2022

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You can insert patent claims, patent figures (the primary figure), and trademark images into form letters and emails.

To insert all claims, use {Matter.Claims}.
To insert a specific claim use the syntax {Matter.Claim<n>}, where <n> is the claim number, such as {Matter.Claim1}.

The Patent or Trademark image associated with a matter can be included in form letters using the syntax {Matter.Image} or {Matter.Image(<width>,<height>)}. <width> and <height> are used to specify the size of the image in the document in inches. AppColl will ensure that the image is scaled to fit within the dimensions without changing the aspect ratio of the image. To leave a dimension unspecified use “0”. Some examples:
{Matter.Image}                Insert image without any scaling.
{Matter.Image(3,4)}        Insert image, scaling to fit inside a box 3 inches wide by
                                           4 inches high.
{Matter.Image(0,2.5)}     Insert image, scaling to 2.5 inches high. The width of the
                                           image will be the height that results in an image 2.5 inches wide.
Please note
 that images cannot be inserted into email notifications or form emails.