Format State and Country Names in Form Letters and Emails

Last published at: May 9th, 2023

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AppColl can automatically generate emails, calendar invites and form letters that are populated from information in your AppColl account. This function operates in a similar manner to the mail-merge function of word processors, and allows you to generate standard emails, calendar invites or letters in response to events or manually. For example, you can set up the system to automatically create a standard email to notify the client that an office action has been received and that instructions are required from them by a certain date.

To use information from the database, you will use the following type of syntax:


Where <modulename> is “Matter”, “Contact” or “Task” and <field> is any field available in the module.

For example:

                    Dear {Matter.ForeignAssociate.Suffix} {Matter.ForeignAssociate.Last},

                    Re: {Matter.Title} - {Matter. ApplicationNum}

                    The above matter requires your immediate attention.
                   Please review and respond by {Task.RespondBy(M/d/yy)}.

                   Thank you,


Would generate text similar to the following:

         Dear Mrs. Smith,

         Re: Method for File Compression – 13/231,223

         The above matter requires your immediate attention.
         Please review and respond by 3/1/2013.

         Thank you,


To auto-generate an email notification or calendar invite, you add a notification to the task type in the Manage Task Types page in the Tasks module, as discussed here

Generating custom emails and templates are described here.

To create a form letter, create the document in your word processor, save it as an RTF (Rich Text File) file, and upload it to the FormLetters folder in the Files module. You can then generate the letter from either the Tasks module (shown here) or the Matter Details page for a matter.

More information is provided in additional articles in the Forms Emails/Letters and Tasks section.