Email Notifications - Disclosure Status Change

Last published at: March 17th, 2022

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AppColl provides the option to create email notifications any time invention disclosure status' changes. Often times such emails are sent to inventors to alert them to such changes. However, these email can be sent to any individuals associated a disclosure.

Important: Making changes to task rule notifications is relatively harmless. However, changing the task rule itself (i.e., title, triggering events, etc.) can have drastic effects on the disclosure flow. Please contact AppColl support if changes to the flow are desired.

By default, an email is sent out to all inventors of a disclosure whenever the status changes. The syntax of the notification can be found in the "IDF Status Change" task type by clicking the notifications button. Feel free to change the syntax of the subject or body as desired. Make sure to click OK to accept the changes and then click save for the task rule itself.