Ignore Matter Details Differences

Last published at: December 8th, 2023

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AppColl can retrieve bibliographic information for your matters from Patent Center, PEDS, TSDR and EspaceNet. AppColl looks for any discrepancies between the data currently stored in AppColl and the data retrieved from one of the data sources mentioned above. If discrepancies are found, AppColl places a yellow triangle next to the data field(s) as shown below. Additionally,AppColl creates a Review Differences task alerting the user.
Clicking on a triangle displays the below popup showing the difference. If the difference is left as-is, the yellow triangle will remain. If a user does not want to overwrite the difference, they can click the "Ignore" button which removes the yellow triangle while keeping the data as-is. Please Note: if additional differences are found at a later date, the yellow triangle will re-appear.