Yellow Triangles Next to Matter Fields

Written by Mason Davis

Last published at: February 16th, 2022

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AppColl displays a yellow triangle next to any field in Matter Detail pages when a discrepancy exists between the information stored in AppColl and the information AppColl received from one of Private Pair (via XML files), EspaceNet or TSDR.

AppColl receives information from the USPTO in two ways. For U.S. Trademarks, AppColl retrieves (weekly) updates from TSDR for all U.S. Trademarks. For U.S. Patents and PCT cases filed in the U.S., AppColl may receive matter details through an XML file imported from Private PAIR. Please note: this is a manual process and not automated like TSDR. AppColl displays a yellow triangle next to any matter fields when the data in AppColl differs from what was retrieved from TSDR or XML files from Private Pair. For example, AppColl lists Acme for a client for a U.S. Trademark and TSDR lists Novo Nordisk A/S. A yellow triangle is placed next to the Client field in the matter. Clicking on the triangle will show what the actually differences are. Clicking the Overwrite button replaces the AppColl value with the TSDR value. This process applies to XML files from Private Pair as well.

As of March 2018, AppColl can now retrieve bibliographic information from EspaceNet for domestic and foreign patents. AppColl can now generate triangles based on information in AppColl and information retrieved from EspaceNet. It is possible that bibliographic information retrieved from an XML file differs from what is shown in EspaceNet, and vise-versa. If this happens, yellow triangles will still be shown between the last source that updated a matter and what is currently stored in AppColl. For example, a matter was originally updated from an XML file and the title was listed as "52". Next, EspaceNet is queried and the title is shown as "6-(3,6-Dideoxy-Alpha;-L-Arabino-Hexopyranosyloxy)Heptanoic Acid Deriva-Tives, And Process For Preparation Thereof". AppColl will now show a triangle next to the Title field. Clicking the triangle will show the difference as coming from EspaceNet.