Use Queries to Require or Display fields in an Invention Disclosure Form

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Fields in an Invention Disclosure Form (IDF) can be hidden/displayed or made required depending on the state of other fields.  In order to do this go to the “Setup Disclosure Form” page, select “Displayed when query is true” for one of the IDF fields, and enter the query in the “Display Query” textbox.  An example is shown below.

The above query (General.CurrentUser.Role = “Inventor” && Status = “Unfinished”) will cause the field “Header~First Field” to display only when the current user has a role of “Inventor” and when the status of the invention is “Unfinished”.  Queries can be on most IDF fields.  To use a field name that contains spaces between words, the field name must be surrounded by square braces as in “[Field Name With Spaces]”.  An example is shown below.
Some common fields used in IDF field queries are “General.CurrentUser.Role”, “Status” and “Type".