Schedule AppColl Reports to Amazon S3

Last published at: February 23rd, 2023

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Reports can be scheduled and sent to users via email, FTP and SFTP. Reports can now be sent to Amazon S3 buckets as well. Please note you must have an Amazon AWS account in order to use S3 buckets.

Step 1) Create your bucket in Amazon
Step 2) Go to the permissions tab as shown below.

Step 3) Click "Add account". The canonical ID of AppColl is: 8219ad5bdfe39a6c6bc7940235ca65482b9de03efc6332288a6dd46420cc206c
Check the boxes for "List objects" and "Write objects". Then click Save. That's it for S3 settings.
Step 4) Go to AppColl and open or create a report schedule from the "Report Schedules" page. Under 'Send Via' you will select Amazon S3. Then enter the name of the bucket you created.

You're done. Once a report is sent for the first time, you can see the results in S3.