Auto Generate Calendar Entries When Tasks with External Deadlines are Created

Last published at: January 7th, 2022

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Do you want to automatically generate calendar entries for upcoming due dates. See the below video and/or screenshots on how to do this. This content focuses on external deadlines only, such as Respond to Office Action task types. This process also applies to e-Office Action tasks. Below the video are screen shots of what the custom task rule looks like.


The "Calendar Entry" Task Rule

The Task Rule's Notification Settings

Below is the actual text you would paste into the notification. These are only suggestions. You can insert any text you like.

Calendar Subject Text

AppColl Task Due: {TriggeringTask.TaskType} due on {TriggeringTask.RespondBy} | Client: {TriggeringTask.Client} | Matter: {TriggeringTask.Matter}

Calendar Body Text

AppColl Task Due: {TriggeringTask.TaskType} due on {TriggeringTask.RespondBy}

Client: {TriggeringTask.Client}

Matter: {TriggeringTask.Matter}