Auto-Send Email Notifications or Calendar Invites when AppColl generates a Task (w/ Video)

Written by Gregg Hart

Last published at: February 1st, 2022

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Users can set a Task Type to auto-send an email notification or a calendar invite, using the Notifications feature. Note: This can only be done by an account administrator.

  1. In the Tasks module, click on the Manage Task Types link in the Navigate section of the left column, and then click on the relevant task type.
  2. Scroll to the Notifications section and click the Add button.
  3. In the Notification popup window, select the email recipient from the Notify dropdown menu. Please note: only persons having a Contact record (with an email address) within your AppColl account can receive email notifications. If you wish to send notifications to a client, we recommend having the email sent to you first. Then you can forward (or copy and paste the text) to a client.
  4. Check the Email check box.
  5. (Optional) Check the Calendar Entry check box to send a calendar invite to the recipient(s).
  6. Please Note: The "Attach any documents linked to task" check box will not work if the task is being auto-generated from one or more triggers. In other words, it would not be possible to attach a document before the task is created.
  7. (Optional) Under the Message Body text box, select a previously saved notification email template from the Load Template drop down. Editing a loaded template will not affect the saved version of the template.
  8. Enter the Message Subject and Message Body. Fields from the database can be inserted into either of these text boxes. See the Form Emails/Letters Topics for more details on how to do this.
  9. Add formatting (i.e., different fonts, bold, text size, etc.) by selecting text and using the buttons at the top of the message body.
  10. PLEASE NOTE: It is not recommended to format an email notification within Word and then paste into AppColl. Word does a very poor job of copying and pasting it's formatted text. We highly recommend either creating the form letter within AppColl, or if pasting from elsewhere, do not include the formatting. Just paste the plain text.
  11. (Optional) Enter a name in the Save As Template text box and click on the save button to save this email template for future use.

You can use any column available in the matter or task modules as a field name in a form email, including custom user fields in matters, provided there are no spaces in your matter custom user field name.

This video also explains the steps shown above with respect to creating a calendar entry. If you wish to send an email instead of or in addition to a calendar entry, re-read step 4 above.

Click here if you would like to create client form emails when tasks with external deadlines are created.