Clean up US Trademark Tasks After Import (w/ Video)

Written by Mason Davis

Last published at: May 20th, 2022

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Once US trademarks have been imported, TSDR will be queried that night to bring over all bibliographic information and tasks. There maybe a number of tasks created that have already been done. AppColl does not attempt to analyze which of these tasks have actually been done. Thus, we leave it up to the user to clean them up. The main tasks to clean up are:

  • File Section 8 & 9 Declaration of Use/Renewal – 1st Deadline
  • File Section 8 & 15 Declaration of Use/Incontestability - 1st Deadline  
  • File Statement of Use – 6 Month Reminder
  • Review USPTO Communication

The following video discuss the best way to clean these tasks up to bring your trademark docket current.