Fix All-Day Calendar Entries and Events that Span Two Days

Last published at: January 25th, 2022

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AppColl can generate all-day calendar entries sent to people in response to two primary events in the system:

1) Tasks are created or updated that have notifications with calendar entries.
2) A calendar entry is manually sent using the calendar icon in the Links column of the All Open Tasks page of the Tasks module.

By industry standard, an all-day calendar event is simply a 24-hour meeting that starts and ends at midnight local time.

If the calendar appears to span two days in the recipients calendar, this indicates that AppColl was unable to correctly determine the local timezone of the recipient.

AppColl calculates the timezone of the recipient in the following priority order:

First, it scans the Contacts module for a contact with the recipient's email address. If found, it looks for a zip code in that contact. If one exists, it uses the timezone associated with that zip code.

Second, it looks for a zip code in the account administrator's contact record. If one is available, it uses the timezone associated with that zip code.

Third, if the recipient has an AppColl login, the timezone where the recipient last logged in is used.

Fourth, the timezone where the account administrator last logged in is used.

Finally, if all else fails, Eastern Standard Time is used.

So, the best way to fix a two day calendar event is to find (or create) a contact record with the recipient's email and enter the correct zip code. You don't need to give the recipient a login to do this.

That should fix it.