"Review USPTO Status Change" Tasks

Written by Mason Davis

Last published at: January 7th, 2022

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Whenever a U.S. trademark, U.S. patent, or PCT matter receives an updated status from the USPTO (via an XML import or TSDR), AppColl will create a ‘Review USPTO Status Change’ task and put the status in the comments section. The purpose of the task is to alert you that the status of the application has changed. This refers to the official PTO status (as stated in Pair or TSDR) and not the AppColl status, which is based purely on dates entered for matters. For example, the status could change when an office action is mailed, a trademark extension of time is received, the case is patented, etc.

Once you have reviewed the status change, you can simply change the tasks status to Reviewed or Completed. When a matter is imported for the first time, AppColl will not create a Status Change task for every matter to avoid docket clutter.