Tasks Module Overview

Last published at: March 18th, 2022

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The Tasks module is used to manage all tasks, such as docketing and workflow items within AppColl. AppColl has a standard set of tasks that it will use to populate your docket. Some tasks are simply notifications, particularly of actions taken by the PTO. Other tasks require action and have varying types of deadlines. To view all available tasks, enter the Tasks module and click on the Manage Task Types link in the Navigate section of the left column. You may also create your own tasks to be used within the system, or, with some limitations, modify existing ones. However, this functionality is reserved for account administrators only.

When you open the Tasks module, you will see an "All Open Tasks" list. This serves as your docket. Tasks are placed on the docket in several different ways.

  • You can manually add tasks.
  • AppColl may add patent related tasks with information received through an XML file import from Private Pair, if you have enabled this service, described here.
  • AppColl may add tasks from information received from EspaceNet.
  • AppColl may add US trademark related tasks from TSDR.

You can filter and manipulate your docket in many ways to display the information in the manner that suits you. (Click here for information on filtering information.) After setting your filters, you can save your format as a report to regenerate dynamically without resetting the filters, as described in this tutorial.