AppColl PM Plus Features Overview

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This article covers basic information on each AppColl PM Plus feature, which includes:
  1. Automatic download of documents and XML data from Patent Center
  2. QuickBooks™ Online Integration 
  3. PM Invent disclosure collection infrastructure
  4. Conflict Checking
  5. Automated Email Communication Handling
  6. Advanced Graphical Reporting
  7. Trust Account Reports
  8. Email Conversations Tab

Click here for a webinar overview of these features.

Automatic download of documents and XML data from Patent Center

Spend less time logging into Patent Center. When a USPTO e-Office action email is processed by AppColl, any documents associated with the e-Office action will automatically be downloaded from Patent Center and attached to any docketing tasks generated. At the same time, the bibliographic (XML) information for the associated matter is updated. This feature essentially removes the need to manually log into Patent Center after receiving office actions associated with US patents. Click here for more information on enabling and using this feature.

QuickBooks™ Online Integration

Quickly and accurately synchronize invoices created in AppColl with QuickBooks Online. With this feature, you can transfer invoices directly from AppColl to QuickBooks Online, and then synchronize any payments entered in QuickBooks Online back to AppColl. Invoice line item detail is transferred, and a PDF of the AppColl invoice is attached to the QuickBooks Online invoice for reference. Also, client contact information can be transferred to keep both systems consistent. Click Here for more information on enabling and using this feature.

PM Invent disclosure collection infrastructure

The PM Invent feature provides an infrastructure for efficiently capturing inventor ideas and contact information in an organized manner. The objective of PM Invent is to make the process as simple as possible for the inventor. A few clicks sends an email to an inventor with a link that takes them to a customizable invention disclosure form that they can complete and submit in a few minutes. A simple workflow is included that facilitates discussion on the disclosure between the inventor and the attorney. Click Here for more information 

Conflict Checking

Identify conflict of interest situations where doing the best thing for one client may harm another due to an adverse relationship between the two clients. Search information in all matters and contacts, including metadata such as adverse party relationships, keywords and technologies to find potential conflicts. Searches can be constructed using full Boolean expressions. The setup and results of searches can also be saved for viewing or re-running later. Click here for more information on enabling and using this feature.

Automated Email Communication Handling

Easily keep a record of all emails sent between you and your client regarding matters without having to manually upload files to specific folder locations in AppColl. Through use of special email addresses, AppColl provides a mechanism by which users can simply Cc or forward emails directly to AppColl, and the email will be saved in the correct folder in the AppColl Files module corresponding to the associated client or matter. The email and all attachments are stored as an .eml file, which can be opened directly by many email systems, including Microsoft Outlook. Click here for more information on enabling and using this feature.

Advanced Graphical Reporting

Use advanced graphical reporting tools to understand and manage your business more effectively. Respond quickly to client requests for reports on their IP portfolio. This feature allows you to generate customizable line, bar and pie charts aggregating your data in complex ways. For example, you can see a report of the average amount billed per matter for each patent type in each country. You could also generate a chart showing how the time between patent filing and issuing changes over time. Drag, drop and resize charts to customize your dashboard showing the most important information when you log in. Automatically schedule graphical reports to be emailed to interested parties. Create your own reports by easily customizing any of the numerous standard reports provided. Click here for more information on enabling and using this feature.

Trust Account Reporting

One of the standard reports included with advanced graphical reporting is a trust account report. Trust account reports are used to assist in reconciling actual bank account balances with debits and credits from retainers received from customers. These reports are generated entirely from retainer type billing items in the Billing module. If you are using retainers in AppColl, you should be able to generate a Trust Account report. Not special setup is required. Click here for more information.

Email Conversations Tab

The Conversations Tab allows another view for the emails that are sent into AppColl for a particular matter. Now when an email comes to a Matter's Intake email, AppColl will display the message on the Conversations Tab in a similar way as your email inbox. With this feature, you can easily download attachments, view, and reply to messages sent to the Intake address for that matter. Click here for more information.