Add and Update U.S. Trademark Matters from TSDR

Written by Mason Davis

Last published at: May 20th, 2022

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U.S. Trademarks can be updated or added into AppColl via spreadsheets or by using the Update Matter button in a trademark matter details page.

Adding new Trademarks via spreadsheet

Click here for importing trademarks or any other type of matter 

Adding new U.S. Trademarks via the Update Matter Button

  1. In the Matters module, click the “Add” button in the Make Changes section on the left.
  2. Complete the information in the “Add Matter” popup window.
    • Client: enter an existing client from the drop down, or create a new one.
    • Matter is: choose whether the matter is "Part of a new matter family" or "Connected to" an existing matter family. If part of existing family, enter the primary parent matter.
    • Type: Trademark
    • Country: United States
    • Attorney Ref: use the auto-generated number, or enter your own
  3. Click the OK button and the shell for the matter is created and displayed in a new matter details page.
  4. (Optional) Enter a Title.
  5. Enter the serial number or the registration number.
  6. Click the Update Matter button and the popup window shown below appears.
  7. (Optional) Check the Overwrite all information checkbox if you wish to overwrite any information from TSDR that's different from data currently stored in AppColl.
  8. (Optional) Check the Disable automatic task generation button if you do not want any new tasks being created.
  9. Click Update Matter and the information from TSDR shall be added and automatically saved.
  10. Review the information for accuracy and completeness.

U.S. Trademarks are automatically updated weekly.

AppColl automatically updates US trademarks from TSDR every 7 days from when the matter was initially added to your account. If a trademark was added on a Tuesday, AppColl queries TSDR early on Tuesday mornings to retrieve any new details. Thus, it is possible something happened on a trademark on a Wednesday, yet the matter in AppColl would not update this new information for 6 days until the following Tuesday.

However, you can click the Update Matter button any time you wish to refresh the data with the current information stored in TSDR.