Importing Overview

Last published at: December 8th, 2023

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Information can be imported into AppColl through spreadsheets and/or Patent Center, TSDR and EspaceNet.



In order to populate your AppColl account, basic information for each of your matters must be added to a spreadsheet .csv file. Click here for the spreadsheet template. Additional importable information includes docketing items, prior art references, billing information, continuity information between matters, contact databases and documents. 


Each import type has a pre-defined template using column names specific to AppColl. Any data can be imported by copying and pasting your information into our templates. Please note: In order to get your data into AppColl, you must be able to use our templates. We do not import data stored in relational databases, or any other format besides spreadsheets.


Once the data is added to a .csv file, the information can easily be imported into AppColl. This process is accessible to users. If you are a new customer, we will assist you in getting your data into AppColl, free of charge. Please contact us at for assistance.


Depending on the information being imported, only a subset of data is necessary. For example, U.S., Foreign and PCT patents and U.S. Trademarks only require basic information, as AppColl can retrieve much of the information from online sources. For example, docketing number, application number, matter type, country, client, title and attorney. Additional details, which are not retrievable from online sources, may be included such as: paralegal, partner, foreign associates, meta data, reel and frame, assignees, applicants, licensees to name a few.


The following links are available for importing data other than matters:

Importing Tasks

Importing Prior Art

Importing Priority Connections

Importing Billing Items

Importing Contacts


Online Sources

Once you matters have been imported, additional details are retrievable from Patent Center, TSDR and EspaceNet. For example, the following information may be available:

  • Patent title
  • Filing, publication, allowance, issue, expiration and abandonment dates
  • Application/Serial, publication, and issue/registration numbers
  • Inventorship
  • Continuity information (priority connections)
  • Examiner, art unit, classifications and PTO confirmation numbers
  • Trademark goods and services
  • Trademark Logo
  • Abstract, primary figure and claims

Patent Center and TSDR also provide transaction history for U.S. trademarks, U.S. patents and PCT applications filed in the U.S. Bibliographic information for foreign patents are retrievable from EspaceNet. However, transactions are not available. This information must be manually added.

Important: Information obtained from external sources may be inconsistent and possibly incomplete. AppColl cannot verify that all information retrieved is accurate. Therefore, it is imperative that users check all information for accuracy. This feature is provided as a productivity tool only and should not be used as a replacement for professional legal advice.