List of Docketing Tasks that are Generated for U.S. Application when Data is Imported from the USPTO

Last published at: March 17th, 2022

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These tables show the docketing tasks that AppColl generates when data is imported. Please note that there may be docketing tasks required during prosecution of a patent or trademark that are not generated by importing data from these websites. For this reason, you must carefully review the tasks generated during import to make sure all required tasks are present with the correct due dates. The list of tasks generated may change over time as the PTO changes the information they provide and as changes are made to the way AppColl processes the information.

With a few exceptions, such as maintenance fee payments, AppColl will not automatically generate tasks that have due dates more than 9 months old. Certain tasks may also not be generated due other information in the matter. For example, a "File Non-Provisional Application" will not be generated for a non-provisional matter.