Tandem Account Home

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The Tandem account home page provides a quick and easy way to view high level statistics of your IP portfolio. 

Six tiles are available to show charts based on data in your account. To change the information shown in one of the tiles, click on the pencil edit icon User-added image in the upper right of the tile.

Select the type of data you wish to show and the format of the chart and click Ok. Some data can only be shown in tables, such as the open task list, so that will be the only option for Type. Any changes you make will be saved and restored the next time you access the page.

To view the records that generated a particular element in a chart, such as a segment of a pie chart, simply click on it. This will take you to the appropriate module (Tasks, Matters or Contacts) with the records shown.

The charts will not automatically refresh if new data becomes available. To refresh the data click on the refresh icon User-added image in the upper middle of the page.

To download a PNG image of a chart click on the 'PNG' text in the upper right.

To download a CSV spreadsheet of the data used to generate the chart click on the 'CSV" in the upper right.