Create Reminder Task Types

Last published at: July 21st, 2023

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(Please note: This process must be done by an Account Administrator.)

You can easily create custom reminder task types that are used to alert you of upcoming deadlines. These differ from email-based notifications in that they actually appear on your open docket.

For example, let's assume you want a 3-month and a 1-month reminder to file a non-provisional application from a provisional application. This can be accomplished by creating the two custom reminder task types described below.

  1. In the Tasks module, click the Manage Task Types link in the Navigate section of the left column. 
  2. Click the Add button in the Make Changes section of the left column. Fill in the details of the New Task Type page, as shown in Image 1 below, to create a 3-month reminder.
  3. Click the Save & Duplicate button in the left column to save the 3-month reminder and create a duplicate task type to edit.
  4. In the duplicate task type, change the Type Name to reflect the 1-month deadline. Change the date offset from -3 to -1. Click Save.
  5. Moving forward, these reminders will generate at the same time a "File Non-Provisional Application" task is generated (i.e., when a provisional application is filed.)
  6. Custom task types don't retroactively apply to your existing database. Click here if you wish to regenerate tasks for your new reminders.

Image 1

If you wish to generate different reminders based on different docketing items, follow the steps as above with only changing the title, triggering task and date off-set. See Image 2 below for a "Pay 1st Maintenance Fee - 6 Month Reminder" task type.

Image 2