Understanding Task Statuses

Last published at: January 25th, 2022

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AppColl has a number of standard task statuses that cause varying events and convey different information. This article focuses on the standard statuses and when to use them.

  • Open: This is the status for tasks that haven't been completed in some way. By default, all tasks with an Open status will appear on your docket.
  • Completed: This status is used when the task has actually been completed.
  • Reviewed: This status is used when tasks beginning with "Review..." have been reviewed. Examples include, "Review USPTO Status Change," "Review USPTO Communication," or "Review USPTO Differences." Note: You can close out review tasks with either "Completed" or "Reviewed." However, "Reviewed" is more descriptive.
  • Not Needed: This status is used when a specific task is inapplicable or is not needed for a matter. An example is "File Supplemental Amendment," which is rarely used.
  • Transferred: This status is used for a matter that has been transferred out of your firm or company. This provides a historical record of all tasks that become obsolete after the matter was transferred out.
  • Missed: This status is used when a task with an extendable deadline will not be filed on time. For example, if a "Respond to Non-Final Office Action - 3 Month Deadline" task will not be filed in time, the task should be marked as "Missed." AppColl will then generate a "Respond to Non-Final Office Action - 4 Month Deadline" task and remove the 3 month task from the open docket. 

IMPORTANT: To generate the next reminder for a task with an extendable deadline, you must close the triggering task with the "Missed" status; if you close the task with any other status, the next deadline task will not generate.

DON'T DELETE TASKS. We highly recommend keeping all tasks that have been generated by AppColl. If a task is not needed, unnecessary or inapplicable, mark it with the appropriate status. This provides a historical record of all tasks and their dispositions. If a task is deleted, there is no history of its existence. 

One exception is if a task was created in error either manually, by mistyping a date that triggered the task's creation, or by changing the status of another task that triggered its creation.

Custom Task Statuses
You can create additional task statuses contacting support@appcoll.com with the desired additions.