Why are New Tasks Generating When I Change a Matter's Date?

Written by Mason Davis

Last published at: January 7th, 2022

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Many tasks in AppColl are triggered by a change of value in a matter's Filing Date, Priority Date or Issue Date, depending on the matter Type. For example, AppColl generates a number of tasks for U.S. Utility-Type applications (Provisional, Non-Provisional, Continuation, Continuation-in-Part and Divisional) when the Filing Date value changes, such as when it gets a value for the first time. Because these task types' Respond By dates are based on a matter's Filing Date, AppColl will generate a new set of default tasks if the Filing Date value changes again. The redundant tasks can be deleted.

Tasks for PCT applications are based on the matter's Priority Date, rather than the Filing Date. When a PCT matter is manually added and given a Filing Date, AppColl will also set the Priority Date. This triggers a number of PCT-specific tasks. If one or more priority connections are then added, the PCT's priority date may change, causing AppColl to create new PCT-specific tasks based on the new priority date. The redundant tasks can be deleted.

PLEASE NOTE: The above situations may not occur if a matter is updated or initially populated via an XML file from PAIR.