Last published at: July 13th, 2023

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AppColl can auto-populate the Application Data Sheet (form AIA/14) for a U.S. patent application stored in AppColl. The Foreign Priority section of the AIA/14 allows for entering a WIPO DAS Code (called Access Code in the form) for each foreign priority connection. AppColl allows for entering a DAS code for each foreign patent as well as priority connections to foreign matters that don't exist in matters.

In essence there are two types of WIPO DAS codes in AppColl. 1) DAS codes tied to foreign matters and; 2) DAS codes tied to priority connections (when the matter does not exist in AppColl).

WIPO DAS Codes Tied to Foreign Patent Matters
If you open a patent matter you will see a field at the bottom of the screen called WIPO DAS Code. You can enter in the code for a foreign patent. If a U.S. patent application claims priority to the foreign patent, the DAS code appears in the AIA/14's Foreign Priority section when you generate the form. See below.


DAS Code shown in the patent matter. 


WIPO DAS Codes Tied to Priority Connections
In AppColl, when establishing a priority connection from a U.S. patent application to a foreign patent application, you don't have to always create the foreign matter. You can claim to a foreign matter that does not exist in AppColl by establishing a connection as shown below. You can also include the WIPO DAS Code here. This is necessary since the foreign patent does not exist in AppColl. Instead the DAS code is stored in the priority connection information.



When you generate the AIA/14 within AppColl, the WIPO DAS Code is entered into the Foreign Priority section as shown below.